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December 21, 2018
Critical Structural Repairs Scheduled for 111 St Station on J Line

Century-Old Platform Structure to Be Replaced for First Time Since 1917 Construction;

Platform Girder Replacement Will Require Station Bypass in Both Directions


MTA New York City Transit announced that the platform girders at 111 St on the jz line will be replaced beginning January 2019 as part of structural improvements at several Jamaica Line stations that will benefit thousands of customers who rely on the line between Manhattan and Queens.

“Structural deterioration is worsened on lines that are outdoors and exposed to weather extremes daily,” said NYC Transit President Andy Byford.  “We thank our customers for their patience while we make these critical repairs and replacements, which will provide a safe station environment for many more decades to come.”

The elevated 111 St station opened for service in 1917, and its structure has not been replaced since the station was built. The trackside girders, which are steel structures that hold the platforms and canopy supports in place, have deteriorated and now must be replaced to ensure continued safety. Due to the nature of the deterioration, the equipment required for the replacement, and the girders’ location immediately adjacent to the tracks and under platforms, train service cannot operate at 111 St while crews remove and rebuild the girders and the platforms on top of them. Beginning at 5 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019, jztrains will bypass 111 St in both directions while the girders are replaced and the platforms are demolished and rebuilt.

Similar work at the 104 St and 121 St stations had been scheduled to provide one-direction service during the repairs, which stretched the construction timeline to more than a year. By closing the 111 St station in both directions, the construction timeline will be reduced to approximately six months.

Currently, the area is served by both the subway and the local Q56 bus, which operates along Jamaica Avenue and mirrors the jzroute in the area. During the girder replacement project, NYC Transit will provide enhanced Q56 bus service between 111 St and 121 St. Customers using MetroCards will get an additional free transfer when transferring from the Q37/Q56 to the j line at 104 St, 121 St or Woodhaven Blvd stations. Customers can also use the nearby 104 St or 121 St stations, which are approximately an 8- to 10-minute walk from 111 St, for  jz subway service.

 NYC Transit will post signage and make announcements at 111 St, nearby stations and on trains to notify customers so they can plan ahead and learn about the service alternatives. Transit staff have conducted outreach with the local community and elected officials and will continue to reach out to the community and businesses ahead of and during the service diversion. Customer ambassadors will be staffed at the station before and in the first days of the service bypass to provide customer information. The station serves more than 3,200 weekday customers. 

Other infrastructure and station repairs and improvements along the  jz lines, which will result in improved subway service and stations for customers for decades to come, include:

  • Station improvements at Marcy Av, Lorimer St, Broadway Junction to increase capacity and improve customer flow
  • Reopened station entrances at Flushing Av and Hewes St to increase capacity and add convenience for customers
  • Platform girder replacement projects completed at 104 St and 121 St 
  • Track and switch repairs and maintenance along entire jmz line to improve service and reliability
  • Track and switch reconstruction project between 121 St and Jamaica Center to improve service and reliability, resulting in a smoother ride
Examples of girder deterioration at 111 St.
Examples of girder deterioration at 111 St.
Examples of platform deterioration at 111 St.
Examples of girder deterioration at 111 St.