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January 10, 2020
MTA Finalizes L Project Service Schedule Through March 2020, Further Reducing Customer Impacts
Work Includes Rehabilitating Four Stations in Brooklyn and Preparatory Work to Connect Power to Three New Substations Along the L as Project Remains Ahead of Schedule

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today issued the schedule for previously announced power and construction support work on the l Project, the tunnel portion of which remains set for completion in April 2020, some three to six months ahead of schedule. The preparatory work to connect power to three new substations as well as stations improvement work in Brooklyn has been set through March and will impact l train service on the line over the course of three weekends.

As part of the l Project, the MTA previously announced that full track and station access is required for crews in Brooklyn and in Manhattan to make progress on two parts of the project: a major station rehabilitation and accessibility improvement initiative at four stations in Brooklyn, and work to connect power between the tracks and the three new substations, which will power more l trains. The work was originally set to take place over four weekends of outages in Brooklyn and two between Manhattan and Brooklyn, but the MTA has created a more efficient work schedule and minimized customer impacts, reducing impacts to only two weekends of partial l line outages in Brooklyn and one tunnel weekend outage through March 2020:

Jan 17-20 weekend: No l service in Brooklyn between Lorimer St and Broadway Junction, work includes:

  • At Bedford Av, deliver new elevator equipment, as well as progress track wall tile, signal testing and platform structural work with the extended work area
  • At Bushwick Av-Aberdeen St Station, complete platform work with new tactile strips on both platforms and final fixes to the platform edges
  • At Halsey St, repair steel columns and make platform and wall repairs throughout the station
  • At Morgan Av, repair structural beams and make platform and wall repairs throughout the station
  • At DeKalb Av, make platform and wall repairs throughout the station

Feb 14-18 weekend (Presidents' Day included): No l service in Brooklyn between Lorimer St and Broadway Junction, work includes:

  • At Bedford Av, progress track wall painting and tile installation and removing temporary power conduits and cables with the extended work area
  • At Bushwick Av-Aberdeen St Station, make final repairs throughout the station and start final inspections
  • At Halsey St, continue steel column repairs and start final inspections
  • At Morgan Av, continue structural beam repairs and start final inspections
  • At DeKalb Av, continue minor repair work to platforms and walls throughout the station and start final inspections

Mar 20-23 weekend: No l service from 8 Av to Broadway Junction, work includes:

  • Connect negative and positive feeder cables from the new Avenue B substation to the circuit breaker house to both Q1 and Q2 tracks
  • Connect power cables from the new Maspeth Avenue and Harrison Place substations in Brooklyn to the tracks, following the prior successful energization of low tension electric service
  • Restore the contact rail section gap at Bedford Av on both Q1 and Q2 tracks
  • Install negative equalizers between Q1 and Q2 tracks
  • Cutover the radio antenna cables to the new system on both Q1 and Q2 tracks
  • Complete the new emergency alarm and telephone system cutover from the old system for both Q1 and Q2 tracks
  • Complete final inspections for Bushwick Av-Aberdeen St, Halsey St, Morgan Av and DeKalb Av Stations for accessibility and station platform renewal project

Customers will have alternative bus and subway service options these weekends and can use the MyMTA app or the dedicated L Project service change information page to plan a trip. Service options include:

Jan 17-20 and Feb 14-18:

From 10 PM to Midnight Friday:

l: Operates every 20 minutes between 8 Av and Rockaway Parkway

l: Additional l train operates between Lorimer St and Rockaway Parkway for service every 10 minutes within Brooklyn

From 12:01 AM Saturday to 5:00 AM Monday, Jan 20/5:00 AM Tuesday, Feb 18:

l part 1: Operates between 8 Av and Lorimer St every 20 minutes

l part 2: During the day time, the l operates between Broadway Junction (trains will discharge on the j platform) and Rockaway Parkway every 10 minutes. During the overnight times, the l operates every 20 minutes like a normal schedule. 

Free shuttle bus 1: Operates between Broadway Jct and Myrtle Av

Free shuttle bus 2: Operates between Myrtle Av and Lorimer St 

Mar 20-23:

l train: Every 10 minutes between Broadway Junction and Canarsie Rockaway-Pkwy; every 20 minutes during the late nights

m train: Will run every 8 minutes up to 96 St-2 Av, until after 1:30 a.m. when it runs every 20 minutes between Metropolitan Av to Myrtle Av

g train: Will run every 8 minutes during the peak daytimes

Three free shuttle buses: Shuttle bus #1: fare-free as a loop between Lorimer St l and Marcy Av jm, making stops at Lorimer St l, Bedford Av l, Hewes St jm, and Marcy Av jm; shuttle bus #2 runs between Lorimer St and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs in both directions and stops at Marcy Av jm; shuttle bus #3 operates between Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and Broadway Junction. Note: bus operation may be adjusted based on street conditions.

 The l Project encompasses the rehabilitation of the Canarsie l Tube, which carries l trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan and was severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy, new power infrastructure to support l train service, and several station improvement projects to increase capacity and accessibility at stations on the l line and several jmz lines that serve as alternate subway service during the project. The tunnel rehabilitation, which began in April 2019 using a modified 15-to-18 month construction plan that preserves regular subway service for 90 percent of l riders, is currently months ahead of schedule and set to finish in 12 months. In addition to an early construction timeline for the tunnel work, several related construction projects are also ahead of schedule.

 For more information about service changes associated with the l Project, visit For overall information about the project, go to