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Press Release
March 6, 2019
MTA NYC Transit Expands Metropolitan Av-Lorimer St Station Complex, Adds 9 Staircases and Reopens Mezzanine Area to Improve Station Capacity
Reopened Entrances and Staircases, Expanded Mezzanines Provide More Ways for Customers to Access G Platforms or Transfer Between G and L Lines

MTA New York City Transit has reopened the southern mezzanine of the Metropolitan Av-Lorimer St gl station complex, rehabilitating and reopening two entrance stairways and six platform stairways, installing a new platform stairway and expanding a turnstile area to grow capacity and increase convenience for thousands of g and l customers who use the station complex daily. These permanent station capacity improvements were made as part of the l Project to repair the l train tunnel.

“This station is a vital transfer point for g and l customers as well as a key entry point to the subways in a neighborhood that continues to grow,” said NYC Transit President Andy Byford. ”This major station capacity improvement project gives customers more space and more ways to get to the trains quickly and safely, and will benefit customers of both lines for decades after the l Project is complete.”

Two refurbished station entrances at Hope Street and Powers Street, six refurbished platform staircases and a newly built platform staircase opened last week. A turnstile area at the northern end of the station was expanded and outfitted with new digital signage and MetroCard Vending Machines. At the southern end of the station complex, the mezzanine area was refurbished and reopened, expanding the mezzanine by nearly one third of the area previously opened to the public. The reopened mezzanine area restored access to six staircases serving the g platform at the station. A newly built platform staircase adds capacity between the southbound g platform and the northern station mezzanine that connects the g and l lines.

The Metropolitan Av-Lorimer St glstation capacity improvement project was completed in approximately six months and included:

  • Two reopened station entrances, each with a newly refurbished stairway, improve access for g customers
  • Six reopened platform stairways provide more access to g platforms
  • All reopened stairways were refurbished with new handrails, stair treads, railings
  • One new platform stairway to the expanded northern mezzanine area adds capacity for transferring gl customers
  • Southern station mezzanine area was refurbished and reopened for access to reopened g platform staircases
  • Expanded fare control area with new turnstiles, emergency gates, digital signage and fare card machines
  • New paint, lighting, station signage and customer information Help Points


Photos of the expanded station complex are available here.

More than 14,700 weekday customers use the Metropolitan Av-Lorimer St station complex, and NYC Transit anticipates additional ridership during periods of one-track l service on overnights and weekends during the l Project. More information on the l Project, including details of other station improvement projects on the l line, is available here.