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September 5, 2008
MTA NYC Transit Introduces New Generation Hybrid Electric Bus Into Staten Island Service

Sleek, modernistic and efficient. These are hardly the words one usually uses when describing a bus, but that could soon change with the introduction of a new fleet of Orion VII New Generation Hybrid-Electric buses, which are now making their first runs on Staten Island.

The new buses, part of an 850 bus order, boast an attractive new look that sets them apart from current buses. The Orion VII has a traffic-stopping, modern design aimed at appealing to bus customers. Aside from its unique look, the Orion VII Next Generation bus incorporates proven hybrid-electric technology which offers efficient operation and reduced tailpipe emissions.

"Our Staten Island bus customers are the first to benefit from these attractive new transit coaches. Aside from being pleased by their good looks, all Staten Islanders will appreciate their clean air propulsion systems. These buses represent a huge step forward for New York City Transit," said Joseph Smith, MTA NYC Transit Senior Vice President for Buses.

One hundred and twenty-five of the new buses will be assigned to Staten Island, replacing buses built in the early 1990s. These buses will be powered by BAE Systems' HybriDrive(R) diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system. All 850 buses are scheduled to be delivered by 2010.

The MTA and NYC Transit have been pioneers in the development of Hybrid bus technology, with experience going back more than a decade. The technology boasts lower exhaust emissions and improved fuel economy over standard buses. Bus customers also benefit from the low-floor design of the Hybrid Electrics. When completed, the current order will bring the MTA's diesel-electric hybrid bus fleet to nearly 1,700 buses, the largest diesel-electric hybrid fleet in the world.