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Press Release
February 28, 2008
New Fare Information Prices Change For Unlimited Ride Metrocards on Sunday, March 2nd

Base fare remains $2.00

On Sunday, March 2nd 2008 at 12:01 a.m., prices of Unlimited-ride MetroCards will change, as part of an overall restructuring of fares and tolls across MTA operating agencies in order to generate a 3.85 percent increase in revenue from these sources as part of the 2008 MTA Budget.

The new Unlimited-ride MetroCard fare structure at NYC Transit is as follows:

- 1-Day Fun Pass $7.50

- 7-Day card $25 (Reduced-Fare $12.50)

- 14-Day card NEW $47 (Reduced-Fare $23.50)

- 30-Day card $81 (Reduced-Fare $40.50)

Balance Protection, for credit, debit and ATM card purchases at MetroCard Vending Machines, is now available for the 7-Day Express Bus Plus and the new 14-Day card.

Unlimited Ride MetroCards currently being used for travel will be valid for the full 7 or 30 days, even if some of those days are after the fare change. In addition, customers who purchase an Unlimited Ride MetroCard prior to the fare change can take advantage of a "grace period," allowing these cards to be used after March 2nd. NYC Transit will monitor the number of cards in circulation and announce at a later date the exact duration of the grace period. The MTA and NYC Transit assure customers that, at a minimum, cards bought for normal, personal use will be valid for their full duration (1, 7 or 30 days) as long as the first day of travel is not later than March 10, 2008.

In addition, the bonus for the pay-per-ride MetroCard will be 15-percent, which is added automatically with the purchase or addition of $7 or more. A $7 card with the bonus will actually have $8.05 value, equaling 4 rides but will have a remaining balance of $0.05. Similarly, a $10 card will actually have $11.50 in value or 5 rides and a remaining value of $1.50 while a $20 card will have $23 in value and 11 rides with a leftover balance of $1. In these cases, riders are urged to refill the card to use any remaining balance.

To avoid leftover balances on pay-per-ride cards, riders can purchase a $10 card at a MetroCard Vending Machine, refill it three times - at $10 each - and get 23 rides and have no balance. Riders can also purchase a $20 MetroCard, refill it once with another $20, get 23 rides and have no leftover balance. At local MetroCard out-of-system sales locations, riders can purchase one of two new fare cards sold only at merchant locations:

- $17.39 MetroCard, 10 subway or local bus rides, a $20 value

- $52.17 MetroCard, 30 subway or local bus rides, a $60 value

Riders can also avoid left over balances by signing up for the EasyPayXpress MetroCard - the MetroCard that never runs out of rides. EasyPayXpress can be used for local bus, subway and express bus trips. Riders can log on to and sign up for the program using a debit or credit card for the pay-per-ride bonus card that refills automatically and is protected even if it is lost or stolen. Once signed up, riders can view their account on line or opt to receive a monthly statement.

As a reminder, the base fare for a single local bus and subway ride remains $2 (reduced fare $1), and the base fare for an Express bus ride remains $5 (reduced-fare $2.50 off peak only), while the price of the 7-day Express Bus Plus pass remains at $41. Also, fares for Paratransit trips taken on Access-A-Ride remain the same.

For more fare change information, riders are urged to take a look at Subway and Bus posters or pick up a New Fare Information Take One. Customers with additional questions can also ask Station Agents posted in full time Station Booths, or Station Customer Assistants posted in stations, for assistance.