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December 22, 2008
New Technology Train Rolled Out This Morning Along the E Line
Beginning this morning, E line subway customers traveling between Jamaica Center, Queens and World Trade Center got their initial opportunity to take a ride into the future as MTA New York City Transit began replacing older trains with new technology cars. The ten-car train of R160 subway cars is part of a 1,662 car order currently being rolled out along the lettered lines to replace trains introduced 45 years ago. The train left Parsons/Archer this morning at 7:03 headed for the World Trade Center station.

The new cars, built by Alstom and Kawasaki, and funded in the MTA's 2005 through 2009 Capital Program with monies provided by the Federal Transit Administration, boast fully-automated announcement systems, digital information boards and the Flexible Information Notice Display (FIND) system which incorporates a video screen, scrolling station names as the train progresses along the route and a route map that can be changed if a train switches routes.

Like New York City Transit's other New Technology car classes, the R160 cars have several advanced technological features, including computer-monitored throttles and speedometers for better control and smoother ride and an onboard, computerized diagnostic system that allows quicker repair when a failure does occur. NYC Transit's subway fleet, particularly the new technology cars, have proven to be extremely reliable, reaching average Mean Distance Between Failure (MDBF) figures of 290,000 miles and more.

And, like the new technology R142 cars that have been in service since late 2000 on the numbered lines, the R160s offer a brighter interior, a smoother, quieter ride provided by the airbag suspension and improved sound absorption materials. Customers also benefit from an advanced heating and cooling system which is designed to be easier to maintain than the units in older cars.

Delivery of the initial order of 660 R160 cars, valued at $952 million, was completed in October of this year. 820 of the R160 subway cars currently operate in service on the J,L,M,N,Q,V and W Lines. NYC Transit began receiving cars from the first option order in April 2008. The cost of this option order, scheduled to be completed in August 2009, is about $1.1 billion.