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Press Release
June 23, 2010
Queens Local Bus Service Changes Q14, Q15, Q24, Q26, Q30, Q31, Q42, Q48, Q74, Q75, Q76, Q79, Q89 & B24

As part of the 2010 service reductions to help close an approximately $800 million budget deficit, we are eliminating some bus routes and restructuring others in Queens effective June 27, 2010. We regret the inconvenience these reductions may cause to some of our customers, but please note that we have made every effort to affect the fewest number of riders while concurrently improving the cost-efficiency of our service.

The Q14, Q74, Q75, Q79 & Q89 bus routes are being entirely discontinued; a new service, Q15A, will replace some of the discontinued Q14. A segment of the Q24 will also be discontinued. Weekend service on the Q31, Q76 & B24 routes will be discontinued. The Q26 & Q42 routes will lose off-peak service, while overnight service will also be discontinued on the Q30. Lastly, Sunday service on the Q48 will end earlier than usual.

In the past month, peach-colored notices were inserted in Guide-A-Rides at stand-alone bus stops that will be completely eliminated, while yellow-colored inserts were placed at bus stops that will remain but are either adding or losing a route. We hope that our customers have been paying attention to these notices.

A detailed explanation of these reductions/restructurings is available on our website at; click on NYC Transit and click on the ‘Plan Ahead' Special Service Notice.

Customers may also read the posters and brochures displayed and distributed throughout the system, or call NYC Transit's Travel Information Center at 718-330-1234 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.