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October 19, 2007
Rider Report Card Results Released For 5 Line

During the weekday rush periods, the 5 Line connects Eastchester/Dyre Avenue in the Bronx and Brooklyn College/Flatbush Avenue. Traveling south, the line runs between Dyre Avenue and E. 180th Street along the old Boston and Westchester Railroad right-of-way before joining the White Plains Road Line. At 149th Street/Grand Concourse, the 5 becomes one of two Lexington Avenue express services along the most heavily-used rapid transit corridor in the nation. Once in Brooklyn, the 5 becomes part of the Eastern Parkway Line, then the Nostrand Avenue Line, terminating at its southern terminal at Brooklyn College.

Riders who took part in MTA New York City Transit's fifth Rider Report Card survey issued an overall grade of C- to the 5. More than 2,450 riders cast votes - 575 via the web and 1,908 by mail - over a two-week period from September 17 to October 2.

"Riders are still telling us that we are providing generally satisfactory but not exceptional service," said NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr. "Given that New Yorkers are a tough audience, this should not surprise anyone. In order to receive a better overall grade, we have to make concrete and observable improvements in those areas that riders give the highest priority."

Overall, 5 line customers gave "Sense of security in stations" a C, "Cleanliness of stations" a C- and "Train announcements that are easy to hear" a C-. "Adequate room on board during rush hour" was graded a D, and "Minimal delays during trips" a D+. Riders on the 4 line graded the same attributes a C, C-, C, D and C-, respectively. The 5 received three grades of B-, four C+, four C, seven C- and three D+ while the 4 received four grades of B- , four C+, nine C, two C- and two D+.

In addition to grading specific areas of service, 5 line riders were also asked to rank in order of importance those areas of service where they want to see improvements made. Similar to results on the previous lines, riders on the 5 line place a high priority on improving service when ranking the top three areas they want to see improvements made first.

The top ten areas 5 riders want to see improvements in are as follows:

1. "Minimal delays during trips"
2. "Reasonable wait times for trains"
3. "Adequate room on board at rush hour"
4. "Station announcements that are easy to hear"
5. "Cleanliness of stations"
6. "Sense of security on trains"
7. "Sense of security in stations"
8. "Comfortable temperature in subway cars"
9. "Train announcements that are easy to hear"
10. "Station announcements that are informative"

Full Rider report card results can be found on the web at Rider Report Card information is currently being tabulated for the D and M lines. Rider Report Cards were distributed along the A and C lines this week. Last week, riders on the B and E lines were asked to grade service and next week, the Rider Report Card will 'Take the F train".