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March 20, 2008
Riders To Grade NYC Transit Local Bus Service

Local bus customers will soon join their subway and express bus counterparts when they are offered the opportunity to grade the ride they receive on MTA New York City Transit local bus routes. Beginning Monday, March 24, the Local Bus Rider Report Cards will be distributed to customers of Staten Island local bus routes, announced MTA Executive Director & CEO Elliot G. Sander and NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr.

"The MTA remains committed to a two-way dialogue with our customers, and the report cards have proven to be a valuable source of information," said MTA Executive Director & CEO Elliot G. Sander. "Input from the subway report cards have already been used to help us prioritize improvements," he added.

The Report Cards will be issued initially to customers of the Staten Island bus routes serving the Eltingville Transit Center as well as the Eltingville Staten Island Railway station. Service attributes such as "Reasonable wait times between buses," "Seat availability," "Smooth handling of bus," "Courtesy of bus operators and dispatchers," and "Reliability of wheelchair lifts," are subject to grading.

"Having New York City Transit bus customers grade the services we provide is a vital and useful tool in determining what type of job we are doing and where we should concentrate our resources," said NYC Transit President Howard H. Roberts, Jr.

The Rider Report Card will be in the same self-mailer format as the Rider Report Cards for subways and express buses. Employees will distribute the Report Cards both at key Staten Island locations, such as the Transit Center and the St. George Ferry terminal, as well as on selected trips of the S54, S57, and S60 routes; every Staten Island local bus route will be covered. As before, riders will be asked to mark the route they ride, and then provide a letter grade (A through F) where applicable for each of the 20 different service attributes listed, as well as a grade for the overall performance of the route.

Local Bus Rider Report Cards will be handed out in English, but riders who speak Spanish and Chinese can log on to and fill out a report card survey for their local bus route.