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Press Release
July 1, 2011
X37/X38 Weekday Service Reinstated via FDR Drive
X27B and X28B Discontinued

MTA New York City Transit announced that effective Tuesday, July 5th, the X37 and X38 express bus routes will be reinstated and provide peak period, peak direction service between Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan via the FDR Drive and East 23rd Street.   Some downtown X27/ X28 buses will extend to 23rd Street and the remaining X27/X28 trips will terminate at Worth Street.  The X27B and X28B routes will be discontinued.

As a result of the June 2010 Service Reductions, the X37 and X38 express bus routes were eliminated and replaced by X27/X28 midtown service to 57th Street and X27/X28 downtown service to Worth Street.  The restructured routes did not perform as anticipated and adjustments were made to the routes, including the creation of the X27B and X28B in January 2011.  However, since loading imbalances and traffic delays remained an issue, Transit is restoring the peak X37/X38 service.  There are no changes to off-peak service.

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